NJA INDUSTRIE began its operations in 2010, when it acquired BUAT, which had over half a century of experience in bar turning, specialising over the years in medium production run bar turning on cam machines, mainly for the Heavy Goods Vehicle and Manufacturing sectors..

A strategic development plan was conducted over the last five years. Here are its key stages:

  • 2011: Customer diversification: Railway, Defence, Construction, Luxury Goods, Sports & Leisure, and Aeronautics sectors.
  • 2012: Investment in Numerical Control machines.
  • 2013: Certifications obtained: ISO 9001 and 14001.
  • 2014: Growth of technical subcontracting in five-axis machining and assembly of mechanical sub-assemblies.
  • 2015: Construction of the new factory in the Industrial Estate, doubling the production area.
  • 2016: Move into the new factory, optimisation of flows and ergonomics of workstations.


  • A skilled, versatile and totally dedicated team at your service.
  • An extremely positive work environment.
  • 10% annual growth.
  • Continued investment in production and inspection equipment (10% of annual turnover).
  • A fleet of 20 CNC and cam machines.
  • Unique expertise and a strong competitive edge in the machining of parts with a simple geometry, in most materials, with tight tolerances.

And, finally, proximity to the customer: a key factor in the success of our business.

bar turning parts manufacturer


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