Industrial subcontracting for railway materials and equipment

Specialist in bar turning in the Arve valley, we regularly operate in machining and bar turning of spare parts for railway equipment.

Manufacturers of railway material and equipment use our expertise and our turning machine fleet for the manufacture of specific parts with a wide range of diameters.

Stainless steel, steel or aluminum parts, we work on the turning of railway parts which must meet the requirements of the sector: durable products with anti-corrosion criteria.


All turned rings and dowels for the railway sector comply with the NF EN ISO standard.

NJA Industrie produces 316L stainless steel anchors and aluminium and copper ground rings for grounding rolling railway elements.

These turning parts for the railway sector are produced on CNC lathes from bars in our workshops.

Our most frequent achievements for the railway sector are:

  • Ring cutting
  • Dowel neckline
  • Turning of stainless steel connecting nut,
  • Machining of stainless steel fixing nut,
  • Self-locking slotted nut in stainless steel, steel…
  • Nut in base…

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Surface treatment for turned parts for the rail industry

A specific surface treatment makes it possible to guarantee the required values without alteration of the mechanical or physical characteristics.

Expert in machining for the railway sector, our company can offer you the surface treatment of metals for the railway sector adapted to the context of application, through a panel of subcontractors located in our valley, such as annealing and tinning.

A true specialist in railway subcontracting

Our years of experience in industrial subcontracting around railways make our company a true partner for the machining of spare parts and accessories for railway equipment.

A recognized railway subcontractor, our achievements mainly concern:

  • Turning of steel or copper sliding rings,
  • 316L stainless steel ankle turning,
  • Sliding washer machining.

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